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What Is This Book About?
In Rise and Hustle, Mike Whitfield shares short, daily readings that show you how to truly rise and hustle in the 3 most important areas of your life – Physically, Personally and Spiritually. Written for the busiest men and women who desire to get out of their rut, the daily challenges include stories, scripture readings and productivity hacks sprinkled with humor to help build a legacy so you can make an impact with your family, friends and in the world. You’ll discover more freedom, energy and a sense of purpose in just 90 seconds a day.
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Inside This FREE Book, Here Are Just a Few Hacks That You'll Be Given for FREE:
  • Facing and Overcoming Your Life's Giants (page 95)
  • No 1. Exercise for Losing Weight (and it has nothing to do with exercise) (page 38) 
  • The BEST Hack to Deal with Decision Stress (page 22)
  • Why You Should Enjoy Sugar without the Guilt (page 127)
  • Become Up to 9X More Productive: Simply Do This Trick Twice a Day (page 46)
  • 3 FREE Ways to Invest in Yourself (page 181)
  • The BEST "Trick" to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed (page 142)
  • Plus so much more content...
  • And you'll read each daily reading in just 90 seconds!
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"I receive so many manuscripts to review for our Bookworm section; many I start, and quickly put down, but this one… I finished reading in one day. I truly could not put it down; I even began to use its quotes and began change in my personal and business life. What’s next? I can’t wait to actually read the book, one day at a time, and look forward to living the Rise and Hustle Lifestyle. If Rise and Hustle made an impact in one day, I can’t imagine what it will do when I read each day and practice what I learn, daily."

Mia Guerra
Executive Editor, Chispa Magazine
 “Mike Whitfield lives and breathes the Rise and Hustle movement. When we first met six years ago I knew he was going to make a huge impact on the world. Anyone who’s been able to lose over 115 pounds and keep it off for years has an incredible amount of discipline and commitment. In his latest masterpiece, Mike gives an easy to follow blueprint tackling the major areas in life: physical, personal, and spiritual. You’ll laugh, cry, and question what you’ve been practicing your entire life. If you’re serious about living a life of purpose, passion, and commitment to excellence, this is a must read.”

Daniel Woodrum, Speaker and Director of Turbulence Training
“Thank you for your thought provoking daily perspectives in Rise and Hustle. Life can get so complicated with all the noise and busyness; I love the simple “mini bites” of advice that Mike provides. His words have a way of simplifying things so that when applied, I can see the bigger picture. I can appreciate and live life more fully by reflecting on the simple premises that he brings up. Pure gold Mike; thank you again."

Shawna Kaminski, Two-Time “Toughest Calgarian Alive” Winner and CEO of My Bikini Belly
A Daily 90-Second Breakthrough That Will Transform Your Life Physically, Personally, and Spiritually
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Mike Whitfield
Mike "Mikey" Whitfield is a speaker and author of Rise and Hustle: Transform Your Life Physically, Personally, and Spiritually in Just 90 Seconds a Day. Mike lost 115 pounds and has kept it off for over a decade and he also started an online business that allowed both he and his wife to quit their full-time jobs in just 8 months. He has a passion for showing people how to rise above their circumstances and hustle through life's challenges and adversity using humor, productivity hacks, inspiring stories, and scripture.
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